Woman, a priceless beauty
A being full of love and desire
Her worth surpasses all wealth and gold
She is the backbone, strong and bold

She's a mother, nurturing and kind
A friend, always on your mind
A sister, a confidant and a guide
In her embrace, all worries subside

She's a daughter, a source of pride
With her ambition, she'll reach great heights
She's a wife, a partner in all things
In her arms, love forever sings

Her beauty lies in her countless roles
From a teacher, to a healer of souls
Her heart, full of love and compassion
Her spirit, unbreakable, always in fashion

She's a warrior, fighting every day
Against injustice, in her own way
She's a creator, birthing life with love
A blessing from God, the Creator

Her intelligence is unmatched
With her wisdom, the world is hatched
She's a dreamer, with a vision so bright
Her determination, a guiding light

She's a believer, in her own worth
She knows her value, from her very birth
She is a masterpiece
A work of God's art, from genesis.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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