When bad leaders win and take the throne
They sap our hope and leave us alone
They promise change and a better life
But soon we see it's all just a knife

They speak of unity and harmony
But their actions breed only disharmony
Their greed for power knows no end
And they rule with an iron hand

They silence those who dare to speak
Their critics they label as weak
They build walls and divide us all
While their pockets continue to grow tall

They care not for the people's plight
Their selfishness is their only sight
They make laws that benefit the few
And the rest of us are left feeling blue

They feign empathy when disaster strikes
But their relief efforts are just for show, not for likes
They use tragedy to boost their image
While the people suffer without any privilege

They wage wars in the name of peace
But it's the innocent who feel the squeeze
They send our youths to fight and die
While they sit comfortably and lie.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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