The Lord called me from the womb
From the womb he spoke my name
Even before I drew my first breath
He knew me, He loved me, He claimed me as His own

In the silence of my little world
I could hear His voice, His gentle call
A divine invitation to a life with meaning
A destiny I had chosen before I even knew I should choose

From the moment of my conception
I was formed with a purpose in mind
For He saw me as a precious treasure
A unique creation, one of a kind

Even though others pushed me aside
And said I was not worth much
The Lord saw me as a masterpiece
With love he knit me together, soul and all

I was fearfully and wonderfully made
Crafted with care and attention to every detail
For he had a plan for my life, a special calling
To show his love and glory, to conquer

Through the ups and downs, the trials and joys
The Lord was with me, every step of the way
He guided me, moulded me, shaped me
Into the person He dreamed I could one day be

Though I may have stumbled at times
And strayed from His path, His voice still calls
Whispering words of love and forgiveness
Never once giving up on me, through it all

For the Lord called me from the womb
And He will never let me go
For His love knows no bounds or limits
And in His arms, I am forever safe and whole

I will live out my days
In service and devotion to my God above
For the Lord called me from the womb
From my mother's womb, He spoke my name with love.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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