Be The Voice of Our Generation

Let us be the voice of this generation
So that the future can be shaped by our vision
And create a world that will be our salvation
Where sacrifice can bridge our divisions

We can stay through with quality, justice and economic provision
Grow more and more from the shared mission
Creating a place of peace and compassion
This fills everyone with sweet elation

Our voice will defy all disparagement
We need strength not to be discouraged
Even if our tongue quivers and trembles
We will never give up

Be inspired to shine and speak
Let us stand up and raise what we seek
To be the voice of our generation
And lead the world with a clear statement

We are here to offer a solution
For our countless problems and aspirations
We want to embrace who we are
As we rewrite our stories.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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