The world, a global village

Just as a man's heart is full of darkness and deceit
so is the heart of some corrupt leaders
Our world is always crowded with people
It stirs and comes to life with greetings from the sunrise till the sunsets.
Our world is a global village for mankind
It is meant to contain everyone
We appointed some to lead and guide us
but some of them chose to be traitors.
They led us in ways that were harmful to us
as a result of their indifference and oversight
We wanted them to promote and encourage us
but they chose to focus on their pockets.
Our immoral leaders behaved badly for different reasons
In their corrupt mind, they defrauded us, making us go astray
In their positions of authority, they had close advisers
perhaps, they were misguided by them.
Their greed was not measured in money alone
They lack the skill and will to sustain us
They refused to create positive change for the masses
They cheat, lie and put their profit ahead of the common interest.
Motivated by greed, power and desire for the public funds
They used pain as an instrument to ill-treat the masses
They are senseless, rigid, corrupt and callous
They lacked self-control.
We wanted to live a more comfortable life
We left our homes daily only in search of fortune
Each day, in the media, we were referred to as lazy citizens
even though they provided us with nothing.
Our approach to life has been different
We have been peaceful and brave enough
Unfortunately, fear has taken over
No one seems to be logical anymore.
Not all have access to adequate sanitation
For some, the water and air are sourced by pollution
Not all are encouraged to learn to write, read and think
Our mind tool seems to be locked down.
In one part of the nation, a school bell calls to children to school
but some children must work to help feed their families
Many have electric lights out into the streets
In other homes, the dark is kept away with lanterns, oil lamps and candles.
Some families have televisions, internet access and radio
while the others have to entertain their nights with riddles and jokes
If the money in our nation is divided equally
each would have enough to meet their basic needs.
A day has finally come; never can it be the same again
The twilight of men has been transformed into death
The world economy has come to an end
Everything and everybody is on a stop.
Our bad leaders are confused and restless
They have misled the people entrusted to them
All their ideas and thoughts can no longer be used
All the research made amounts to nothing because the guinea pig is not available to be used.
Creator of the universe, your original plan has come to fulfilment
You wanted all people to be one religion and one people
Now is the time! No more war. No more kidnapping. No more terror
There is unity in the world.
Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie is a  Roman Catholic Nun. She belongs to the religious order of “Oblates of St. Benedict Joseph Labre” in Italy. She is a graduate of the University of Bari where she obtained her Bachelor's and Masters' degrees in “Information and Communication Technologies for the Production of Software” and “Computer Science” respectively. Currently, she is carrying out research work on “E-learning for Developing Countries”.

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