Football, The Religion of the Stadium


We gather in the stadia
Like worshippers in a shrine
Because football is our religion
And the stadium, our sacred ground.

Enemies and friends unite as one
Under the banner of our game
Different race, language and culture
All together on this field of glory.

Football knows no politics
Only the pure love of the game
Every transaction, transparent
No bribery, corruption or dishonour.

Players with fervent passion
With all their might for victory
And the fans loud with heavy voices
They chant to cheer their teams.

Football is therapeutic
A balm for the soul,
A healer of pain
That brings joy and happiness
With every victory won.

Two teams in game they meet
Fighting for the glory they seek
On the field, they show respect
For in this game, friendship is deep.

Coaches, referees and linesmen
Even commentators are there
To ensure a fair and just match
For the players, for you and me.

Their uniforms and anthem show
As the players take to the field
A symbol of their team, their nation
Their spirit never giving up.

Everything in football is friendly
No animosity, no hatred and sourness
Because it’s a game of sportsmanship
A bond we all create to live in peace.

The protagonist is a round ball
Taking center stage of play
And with a whistle and little flags
The players are called to order.

As we gather in the stadia
With joy and excitement
Remember that football is not a war
Or a battlefield for a do or die
But a game of love and enjoyment.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie



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