In the depths of my being
Lies an invisible paradise
A place of serenity
Where calm reigns

In the midst of confusion and noise
In this noisy world
I find comfort and peace
In this paradise that I have found

It is a place of infinite beauty
Where the colours never fade
And the sky is always bright blue
Without a cloud to cast a shadow

The sun shines brighter here
With its warm and gentle rays
And the breeze whispers secrets
In its soothing, rhythmic way

In the paradise within me
There is no place for pain or sorrow
Here, only love and happiness
Linger today and tomorrow

I lose myself in my paradise
And all my worries dissolve
In its peaceful embrace
My soul feels redeemed

The paradise within me
Is my safe haven
A place where I find strength
When my spirit feels shaken

It is a reminder of the beauty
That dwells in my heart
A paradise that is always with me
No matter how far I stray

When life gets hard
And I feel lost and alone
I simply close my eyes
And find my paradise, my peace.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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