The breath is a whisper of life
Soft and gentle, yet full of power
A precious gift, beyond all strife
Fills our souls with pure pleasure

The air we breathe, a sacred song
From the depths of our being, it springs
A melody that carries away
Our hopes, our fears, our everything

With every inhale, our lungs expand
While our hearts beat in perfect rhythm
Our bodies, vessels of a great
And wondrous system

In joy and sorrow, the breath remains
A constant companion through it all
It carries us through joyful moments
And lifts us up when we fall

The whisper of life, a gentle breeze
That inspires us with every step
With every breath our spirit relaxes
And our souls are gently held

Let us cherish every breath we take
For it is a gift, a divine blessing
A constant reminder of the awakening
Of life and all its great plans.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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