I believe in reincarnation
A rotation of life and death
A continues transformation
Until we take our last breath

In every life we are reborn
A chance for our souls to grow
To learn the lessons we have sworn to learn
And to show our inner light

We may have lived a thousand years
Or just a handful of days
But in every life there are tears
And moments of joy and praise

We carry memories within us
From past lives we've led
Some forgotten, some so thin
Like a dream when we wake up from bed

But our souls know the truth
Of all that we were before
As we travel through each youth
With a feeling of something more

Past love and past pain
Reappear in this new life
We may not know their names
But we feel the struggle

In reincarnation
Our souls are intertwined
A beautiful coordination
Of all that we have left behind

Let us embrace this journey
Of living and dying again
Because every time we return
We must start a new life

I believe in reincarnation
A spiritual evolution
A never-ending exploration
The revolution of our soul.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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