On this last day of the year
I sit and think about everything that has passed
The memories, the moments, the happy and the sad
The lessons learnt, the challenges overcome

I think of the laughter, the tears that fell
The friends I have made, the goodbyes
The blossoming love and the heartache
All the chapters of my story that are closely intertwined

I thank the year for everything it has brought
The good, bad, ugly and bitter
For every lesson it taught me
For every flame that burns within me

I look forward with hopeful eyes
For the new year, a blank book awaits me
To write a brand new story with ease
To create a masterpiece, without pauses

Cheers to the last chance of the year
And all that we have been through
Every experience has helped me to let go
And made me strong, brave and true.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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