Money is the tariff of the world
A commodity that holds immense worth
A measure of wealth and control
A treasure that all men seek to hold

Money is the king of all possessions
A currency that can buy all concessions
From the finest of jewels to the simplest of bread
It can fulfill every fantasy, every demand

Traded in markets, bought and sold
Its value always fluctuates, never constant or old
Invested and gambled, it can make or break
The fate of those who chase it, without a break

The price of money is not just numbers
But the cost of a life, in its slumber
For some it brings comfort, for others, torment
But its grip on us, is a part of our life

We chase money in pursuit of happiness
Hoping it will bring us love and bliss
But often, it comes with a heavy toll
Leaving us empty, with a shallow soul

The rich and the poor, both pay its price
One with their pockets, the other with their sacrifice
But in the end, it's just pieces of paper
That determines our worth, our status, our caper

For some, money is a proof for success
For others, it is a burden that causes distress
But no matter its cost, its value will never cease
Cos the price of money keeps the world at peace.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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