The voice cried out in the desert land
A messenger sent to prepare the way
His name was John, a prophet of God
His message simple, yet powerful to say

Repent, for the kingdom of God is near
He shouted to all who would hear
Turn from your ways, the time is now
For the one who comes is most dear

He baptized with water, a symbol of change
But one who is greater, will soon arrive
He will baptize with the Holy Spirit
Bringing new life, as our souls revive

John was a humble man, with no need for fame
He wore clothes of camel's hair and ate wild honey
But his message was bold, and it shook the land
Calling people to turn from their sin and be free

Many came to listen, from near and far
As John spoke with passion and fervour.
He pointed to the Lamb of God
Who would take away the sins of the world forever

But some refused to heed his call
Blinded by their own pride and greed
They mocked and scoffed at the words he spoke
And ignored the message they so desperately need

Yet, John's voice continued to ring out
In the wilderness, he remained steadfast and true
For his mission was to prepare the heart
For the one who would make all things new

And when the time was right, Jesus came
To be baptized by John in the Jordan river
A voice from heaven declared, 'This is my Son'
And the Holy Spirit descended like a dove, in a shimmer

John's message may have been simple
But its impact was profound
For the one who followed, found true salvation
And the lost, in their faith, were now sound

So let us heed the message of John
Repent and turn to our gracious Lord
For the kingdom of God is at hand
And through Him, we will find our reward.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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