In the humble Nazareth town
Lived a carpenter of renown
Joseph was his name
A man of strong faith and fame

His heart was pure and kind
God's love he bound
So, the Lord did see
A chosen father he would be

Through a dream an angel came
To Joseph with a blessed purpose
To tell of a great plan
That would forever change this man

In Mary, Joseph had found
A woman of grace, beauty in abundance
But the news he now heard
Surpassed anything he could have wished for

For the angel spoke of a child
A son so pure, so mild
Conceived by the Holy Spirit
In Mary, the chosen vessel to bear him

And though the world may doubt
Joseph had no room for fear or pouting
For in his heart he knew
God's will he must pursue

With love and trust in his heart
Joseph played his important role
As the future earthly father
Of the Son of God, who is so holy and free

With hearts full of love and strong faith
They journeyed together all their lives
Their union a symbol of God's great grace
Together they found a holy place

In joy and sorrow they stayed by each other's side
In God's love they found their eternal guide
Their hearts united in a love so deep
A bond that even death could not hold

Together they greeted the newborn king
With joy they worshipped and sang
In Joseph, Mary found a faithful friend
Together they fulfilled God's perfect plan

Together they worked, the Son and the father
Building and creating, with hands so eager
And through it all, Joseph showed
The love of God, in every single episode

Though not much is said of him
In the pages of the Bible, so slim
Joseph's role was of great importance
A father chosen by God, with reverence

For he raised Jesus as his own
Helped him grow, and made him known
As the Son of God, the promised king
And in his heart, Joseph held that joy, so resonating.

So let us all remember
The man who was father to our Saviour
And in our hearts, hold him dear
For Joseph, in God's plan, had a place so sincere.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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