Zechariah was a priest who served in the temple
Through silent years he had prayed for a child
His wife Elizabeth, barren without seed
But God remembered them in their time of need

He served the Lord with faithful devotion
The incense rising, a sweet fragrant emotion
In the temple of God, his prayers ascended
For a miracle, his soul contended

But the years passed by, with no answer in sight
Hope fading, like a dimming candle light
Yet Zechariah remained steadfast and strong
In his faith, he knew he could never go wrong

A day came, an angel appeared to him
With news that seemed like a distant dream
Elizabeth would bear a son, a joyous surprise
A prophet who would prepare the way of the Lord, his cries

Doubt crept in and Zechariah questioned the truth
But the angel struck him mute, a lesson forsooth
For when the miracle came to pass
His words of doubt turned to praise, like a looking glass

Elizabeth conceived, and Zechariah's lips were opened
A man who had been faithful and unbroken
He praised the Lord for his mercy and grace
For remembering them in their barren place

And when their son, John, was born
A new light in their lives was torn
Zechariah's heart overflowed with joy
For God had remembered them, His promise deployed

And the child grew up, with a purpose and a plan
To proclaim the coming of the Saviour
Zechariah's prayers had been answered, his faith restored
For God remembered him, forever to be adored.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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