Truth is true
No matter what we do
It may be hidden
But it can never be forbidden

It's the foundation of our soul
It guides us on the way to our goal
It may hurt us or bring us joy
But it's something we cannot destroy

Some may try to twist and bend it
But the truth will always make up for it
It cannot be hidden or disguised
It will always come to light, bluntly and wisely

It may be hard to face it sometimes
But it's the only way to realign ourselves
Because when we embrace the truth
We find our way, strong and smooth

Truth doesn't speak with a loud voice
But it whispers and gives us the choice
To recognise and accept its call
Or to turn away and watch it fall

Truth is the sun
That shines bright and clear
It guides our path
And dispels our fear

Truth is the wind
That blows unchecked
Reveals secrets
And removes every stain

Truth is the water
That refreshes our souls
Cleanses our doubts
And makes us whole

Truth is the fire
That burns deep within us
Ignites our passion
And exposes our sin

Truth is the earth
That grounds us in reality
It reminds us of our destiny
And our mortality

Truth is the mirror
That reflects our weaknesses
Forces us to confront
The lies we have built with gauze

The truth is the sword
That cuts through the deception
Reveals the ugly
But also the sweet

Truth is the light
That illuminates our path
Leads us to freedom
From the chains of anger

It may be painful to admit
But lies and deceit have no use
They may seem easier in the moment
But only the truth can bring true satisfaction.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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