Like a sparkling star
Placed in a world of dark
I am God's gift
A precious and unique mark

Formed with love and care
I am His creation divine
A treasure beyond compare
With a heart that shines

In every smile I beam
In every word I speak
I am His reflection
His love and light that peek

A perfect masterpiece
In His eyes I'm adorned
With a purpose and a plan
For which I was sent here

I am God's gift to this world
A symbol of hope and grace
To spread love and kindness
In every corner and every place

So let me be His vessel
To show His love and light
For I am God's gift
A blessing in His sight

I'll cherish this role
And fulfill my given task
For I am God's precious gift
And in Him, I will always bask.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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