The Spirit of God at work

Lk 4:18 "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me..."

Sometimes, our approval of the messages we get from people depends on the messenger. At one time or the other in our life, we may suddenly reject someone's advice only to accept those same words from a different person. It is a common error we must try to balance and overcome. We must not allow prejudice, worldly perceptions, thoughts and judgement confuse our mind. Let us seek the Lord with sincerity of heart and faith. God's ways are different from ours. He may choose to speak to us through a weaker vessel, from a person whom we may judge unworthy, either because of the individual's background or lifestyle.
It is always very difficult for us to realize that what we have been looking for all our life is there, in front of our eyes. It has always been, even if we never noticed it. We like to dream of happiness, but we don't like to be happy.
There is no waiting for things that will happen one day; let us ask for the grace to be able to look into our lives and find a hidden treasure, a reason why life is worth it now, that is, for eternity. Our faith is a gift from God. Let us ask for the grace to accept His message when He speaks to our heart.
Prayer: Lord, You are always present in our lives to support and provide for us. Strengthen us in faith and love for You.
– By Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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