I had a vision of greatness
A dream that kept me awake
And fueled my every step
Guiding me to my destiny

When I look back on the year
That seemed so far away and is now so near
2023 flew with its changes and uncertainties
And left me with memories that will never die

Every experience came with a price
But they all added value to my life
They shaped me, moulded me into who I am
For that, I am eternally grateful for all I am

It began with hopes and dreams
Of new beginnings and endless streams
But I knew nothing about what lay ahead
As the pages of 2023 slowly unfolded

With courage and resilience I fought my way through
To treat my roses with care
To be kindness, every single day
And I tried to succeed every day

I faced many challenges
But each one taught me valuable lessons
I learned that life varies at every instant
And nothing is ever truly constant

I was determined to never give up, no matter how hard it was
Empowered with the spirit of the divine
I found joy in every place
When I realised that life is a journey, not a race

In my struggles, I found my voice
To defend the truth with my voice
To be the voice of our generation
And to face my fears and be unafraid

I bounced back from failure with confidence and brilliance
From my knowledge of resilience
I now rise up stronger and wiser
With strength no one can hinder.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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