We three kings of the Orient are
Following a star, new and bright
Guided by its heavenly light
We journeyed long and traveled far

Across the desert, through the sand
We followed our hearts and the star's command
In search of the newborn king
Whose song of praise the angels sing

With every step our anticipation grew
For we knew that this child was special and true
Born to bring hope and love to all
A gift from heaven on this so small earth

As we reached the humble stable door
We entered quietly, in awe we fell to the ground
For there, in a manger, wrapped in cloth
Lay the child who would save us all

We knelt before the little king
And offered gifts worthy of a king
Gold, frankincense and myrrh
Tokens of our love and pure adoration

As we gazed into his gentle face
We saw in his eyes
The glory of God, heavenly and wise
In this newborn our love was gathered

With joy and wonder we bowed our heads
In the presence of holiness we were truly blessed
For in that moment we knew and understood
The power of faith, the strength of good

And as we left that holy place
Our hearts were changed, our souls embraced
For in encountering the baby Jesus
We found our true purpose, our truest bliss.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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