MAN – A gentle soul

Man, a gentle soul of grace
With eyes as deep as infinite space
His heart, a vessel filled with love
As pure and true as the sky above him

He's both strong and gentle
A warrior and a love,
With a heart of gold
And a mind like no other

He is a son and a brother
A father and a friend
A role model and a mentor
On whom we can depend

He walks with purpose
Confident and sure
Leading by example
With a heart that's pure

He's a protector and a provider
For those he holds dear
With a backbone of steel
And a shield against fear

But beneath the surface
He's a man of pride, and of tears
Not afraid to show
His doubts and fears

He's imperfect and flawed
But that's what makes him real
A man with flaws
But also with zeal

He demands a little in return
Just a simple smile or a sincere thank you
For he knows that the true joy in life
Comes from giving regardless of the person

He is a silent hero in disguise
His actions speak louder than words
His presence, a source of comfort
In a world that can often be absurd.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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