No Picture
Poem by Sr Prisca


Beyond the stone tablets The Divine codes were written In the form of commandments Given to Moses, from Mt Sinai for all. Do not have idols Or worship false gods For true faith and trust […]

Prosper or you perish
Be The Voice of Our Generation

Prosper or You Perish

The world was meant to be from creation
A beautiful home for all creatures to be elated
The sun shone brightly, the birds sang their song
Little did we know, something terrible was wrong […]

No Picture
Poem by Sr Prisca


The season of love is endless For true love never dies It flows like a river Through all the moments of life Love blooms like a flower It grows in every heart With every hour […]


Till life keep us together

Out of sight and present in the mind That described my love for her Years of friendship, yet we never knew each other We discovered ourselves through a friend of mine He wished to unite […]