Flight or fight, the choice is mine
To run away or stand and shine
To flee from danger, or face it head on
Which path should I choose, when all hope is gone?

The fear inside consumes me whole
I feel so powerless, out of control
Do I spread my wings and soar away
Or stay and fight another day?

Flight may seem like an easy way out
But what if it’s just another doubt?
Running from my problems, I may regret
For it takes courage to stand and fight

Contrastingly, fight demands strength
To stand tall and go to any length
Facing my fears and standing my ground
Even when my heart is trembling with sound

Flight is tempting, I must admit
But it may be a choice I’ll always regret
The thought of giving up, it makes me weak
For it’s the fight that makes me strong, I speak

In flight, I run from the battle
But in fight, I can win and rattle
My enemies, my doubts, my fears
For in the end, it’s the fight that clears

I choose to fight, with all my might
To spread my wings and take flight
With bravery and courage, I’ll face my fears
For it’s the fight that wipes away my tears.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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