Make God a part of your life
Allow His presence to heal your strife
Walk with Him all day and night
In His embrace you'll never drown

Open your heart and let Him in
Let Him cleanse your soul from within
With His guidance you'll find your way
And His light will brighten your day

Allow His words to be your light
In the darkest times, they'll be your sight
Find comfort in His arms of grace
And let His love fill every room

Glorify His love in all you do
And see how you're blessed
For when God is a part of your life
All your struggles will turn into joy

Let go of your fears and doubts
And let yourself be embraced by his infinite offspring
Allow God to become a part of your daily life
And watch life unfold in miraculous ways

Speak to Him in prayer and praise
Feel His presence in all your days
He's always by your side
He'll guide and protect you.

© Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie

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