True love is possible

"Love your neighbour as yourself" (Gal.5, 14)


It is never too late to give to others the true love we have always desired. No matter what we may have experienced in the past, we still have the chance to make our future brighter. Every new day will offer us a new opportunity to start a new beginning. We can rewrite our love story if we desire to do so. Our future is still spotless to help us begin a new day. The questions we need ask are: do people care about relationships? What do people expect from any friendship? Is their love for one another unconditional? What happens to love when the target is not reached? Does love expire? Do we realize that we are living in a world where true love and friendship are more based on interest and selfish desires?

A lot of people are experiencing pain in their lives as a result of failed relationships of all kinds. True love is not difficult; but when we attach a condition or personal interest to our love for others, we become imprisoned by our expectations which eventually may lead to hate. St. Paul says, "Owe nothing to anyone, except to love one another; for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law"(Rm 13,8). Loving God is loving one another. Love is not selfish. Love is the most important thing we can do for God. He has called us to love Him above all else; He expects every one of us to love others as ourselves. Our gift of true love is more valuable than our gifts of material things. God has made us in His image and love. He equally gave us the potential to practice the same love to others.

Happiness in true love:

True love is happiness. Happiness is a state we create. When we spend our life on purpose, we feel the happiness to have accomplished a mission. The purpose of our life is to live a life of purpose. While there is still time, let us keep our moments memorable so that we will not have anything to regret at the sunset of life. To find more happiness and joy in our life, we have to cultivate deep friendship with people. To do this, we must move out of our comfort zone so that we might rich out with the right people. Studies have shown that being lonely can kill us. If we have a great social network it can lower stress, making us feel not only physically healthier but also mentally. Unhealthy friends can make us increase our chances of not achieving our goal. There is nothing more valuable than healthy friends. If we plant the seed of friendship, we are bound to receive a rich harvest of great friends. Good friends will help bring out the best in us. We must be wise in choosing our friends.

Our opinion about love:

To live a happier and more peaceful life, we must focus our mind on the good qualities we discover in other people. Let us stop focusing on their weaknesses. When we pay much attention to the mistakes of others, we may end up hating them instead of helping them to overcome their weaknesses. It is very easy to fall into the habit of condemning even the people we love most. What makes a good, healthy and loving relationship is our ability to stick to the positive qualities we find in people. Let us help our friends correct their mistakes instead of condemning them. Why don’t we begin to respect the differences? No two individuals are the same. Everyone cannot reason the same way we do or judge with the same opinion of ours. There is always something good to learn from diversity among people from different family background, religion and culture. Let us stop condemning our friends; let us make our love for others possible - we too need to learn from others. The change we want from others must start from us. Let us free our mind from negative judgements. We don’t have to blame others; we must grow positively and others will follow our footsteps.

True love: a symbol of friendship

Friendship is a gift of nature. Since friendship cannot be bought, we must be patient to discover a true friend that suits us. We must avoid seeing ourselves through the eyes of those that do not value us. We do not have to wait for another to tame us like a pet before we become their true friends. We have to appreciate ourselves and live our lives as we understand it. A true friend will help us discover our true self, our hidden potentials and educate us to be a better person in society. 

Friendship should be built on love trust. As some people may wish to make their supposed friends to first sit down at a little distance away from them - like voiceless pets, to study them before trusting them: such an attitude is not good. Avoiding words from friends reduces their worth to because they have nothing to contribute to our spiritual or social growth. A tame friendship is love created under suspect because there is a fear of betrayal. Our love for others must be sincere and unconditional. We have to allow our friends to understand us and discover by themselves our real self.

Confidence in true love:

True love brings confidence. It pierces the heart in both good and bad times, especially, when that love is genuine. We love not because of materials benefits. True love should be based on mutual understanding and sharing. St. Paul reminds us that "True love is blind" because it has seen us as we are (in and out). It is agape love.

True love is not filial love where we see each other from a distance, that is - you are there for me, you live in bondage under the human instinct and not by passion. True love should not be seen as an artificial make-up where one pretends to be what he is not. 

Challenges facing true love:

We all know that true love is possible but it requires sacrifice. True friends can willingly offer their lives to save one another. One of the major problems facing a lot of friendship today is lack of attention. We need to understand people and the world around us before we engage ourselves in friendship. We need to understand ourselves first before we enter into contracts with someone we hope to call our friend. It is a fundamental issue which is essential before we assure ourselves to maintain a true and healthy friendship.

True love requires freedom. This freedom comprises, freedom of speech, freedom of dialogue, freedom to agree on or disagree with, freedom to share ideas and opinions... Freedom is the liberal presence of our friends, just as "EMMANUEL" - "God with us". We need to make our friends feel the need of coming together, to celebrate together, to share ideas, to stay together and to work together.

True love pardons offences. It does not keep a record of hurts received. True love has power over everything because it saves the expense of anger in love and the cost of hatred in sharing. True love is built on understanding. It does not seek vengeance but calls for correction and education of the other. 


Our life is incomplete without the mistakes of your past. It is our human nature to make mistakes. When we make mistakes, it is important to draw lessons that will help us to improve positively. Our mistakes are only a path of self-discovery to our greatness. 

Regardless of where we are or how we have behaved or acted in a relationship up until this point, let us take a breath and think for a while. Let us repair the broken nets of our past story and restore even the most damaged relationship. Let us stop sweeping the issue under the rug. We have to speak forgiveness into our soul and start again. By learning to live in peace with ourselves and practising a peaceful love with others. Instead of letting others say, 'I'm sorry', let us first forgive ourselves because we need it most.

In true love, there is no competition because kindness is their goal. True love gives us reason to always put a smile on one's face because life is too short to be wasted to cry for anything. The world looks brighter from behind smile because of true love. Let us love and remain in true love with one another. Let us speak kindness in our lives: love is better than hate. True love is possible.

Prisca Onyinye Nwokorie is a  Roman Catholic nun. She belongs to the religious order of “Oblates of St. Benedict Joseph Labre” in Italy. She is a graduate of the University of Bari where she obtained her Bachelor’s and Masters’ degrees in “Information and Communication Technologies for the Production of Software” and “Computer Science” respectively. Currently, she is carrying out research work on “E-learning for Developing Countries”.

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