One day begins a story

Many things capture the human mind
The gift of life is a blessing
In life, we have the opportunity to serve God and our fellow men
One day in our life begins a story.
Sometimes as I walk, seeking to see, hear and feel everything newly
I decide secret words for the things I see
I chose words that communicate feelings, idea or excitement of a unique scene
To some, it may seem a foolish illusion.
Indeed, I'm not telling a story of great events
It is an experience in life
Those who understand will understand
One day begins a story.
Out of my journeys, I have words which remind me of the impression of a place
The remembrance of them enables me to live over or recall an experience
Life is a journey of faith and trust
What we invest in life is what we receive at the end.
Old sorrows flock to my memory of him
Everyone knew his title and records
A day began his story as a leader
From his seat of unemployment, he asked for a job that was not meant for him.
His father was an active politician and a leader
It was an unexpected discovery that he made in the public
To us, it was late for us to understand his aim
His role in politics was not to solve the problems of his people.
For years, he played the game as he craved
Behind the lies that paved his way to the office
His people were not left out in his storybook
He used and dumped them at will
Many suffered humiliation, betrayal and oppression under his leadership.
I heard his thick voice in the media
Yes, he spoke to the hearing of the journalists
I believe everyone has learnt an unforgettable lesson from his story
Everything in life is questionable.
Real is a quality of a good leader
The ability to have an impact and to contribute is of great value
A leader is expected to be real, trustworthy and respectful
He must be real, consistent and corresponding in everything he does.
Let us allow the wisdom of the past to guide us,
to live for something and have a purpose in life
A leader who cannot stand for his people is not worthy of trust
One day begins a story.

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