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The Agony of Life

“It is not fair, God! It is not fair! How can you allow a handful of men more joy than is good for their sanity and the rest of us more tears than we can […]

Daily digest

I need bread

From heaven, the Lord rained a saving bread that the chosen ones may not starve on our journey towards the promised land Their passage through the desert was long The Lord remained their great provider. […]

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In touch with reality

A ray of sunshine beamed upon the darknesswhen all hope seemed hopefulWith considerable effort, I struggled to sign the pledge,a promise to the recovery of my dear nation. I revisited my home and my kinsmenI […]

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Our nation is bleeding

  While that cry is heard again, day after day It may have awakened some hearts to a sense of guilt and a desire of amendment.   For ages, people have sought to find a […]