Prosper or you perish
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Prosper or You Perish

The world was meant to be from creation
A beautiful home for all creatures to be elated
The sun shone brightly, the birds sang their song
Little did we know, something terrible was wrong […]

No Picture
Poem by Sr Prisca


A sight without sorrow Is a world without tears A place of endless laughter Where sadness is a foreign factor No more cries of pain Or heartache that remains Gone are the days of sorrow […]

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COVID-19, against our wish

Each morning I open the social media and different channels I hear accounts on COVID-19 from all the states, regions and all countries  in the world COVID-19 has taken over the headlines.   For respect […]

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In touch with reality

A ray of sunshine beamed upon the darknesswhen all hope seemed hopefulWith considerable effort, I struggled to sign the pledge,a promise to the recovery of my dear nation. I revisited my home and my kinsmenI […]