U.S. broke all possible rules of world politics, no new global war – Russia

The United States (U.S.) created exceptional havoc in world politics by breaking all possible rules, yet a new global war is off the table as long as there is nuclear parity, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

“Things show that no more ‘red lines’ remain at all.

“In world politics, our colleagues from the U.S. created such havoc that all rules were simply broken.

“Everything they teach at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations is no longer relevant.

“That’s it, all rules were broken,” Peskov told the SolovyovLive show on YouTube.At the same time, the Kremlin spokesman denied that a new world war is what should be expected to follow the breakage of old rules.

“The war is, thank God, impossible so long as there is nuclear parity.

“It saves the world from war, even though terrible wars take place right before our eyes.

“Big powers have the responsibility to stop these wars.

“This is what (Russian President Vladimir) Putin did — he stopped the war in Karabakh,” Peskov said. 

Source: Vanguard

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